All photography provided by Cheryl Bennett

Abandoned for seven plus years, the agro-ecological restoration of this coffee farm will eventually be a site for ecotourism in the Jamaica Blue Mountain.


Our Mission

We believe that coffee can be a unifier in creating meaningful connections between the consumer and the producer. Through ecotourism, coffee lovers can reconnect with nature while experiencing life on a farm... restoring land, mind + body.

one of the world’s primary carbon reservoirs, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, storing it, and generating oxygen. Forests are vital to the hydrologic cycle (rain and water systems)...
— Rainforest Alliance

What We're doing

  • Restoring the farm using agroecological methods and permacultural principles.
  • Through ecotourism, creating meaningful connections between consumers and producers.
  • Through service learning, conducting ongoing monitoring and evaluation to document progress and validate practices.
  • Restoring ecosystems through sustainable farming practices.
  • Creating a green economy that benefits the local community economically and environmentally.
  • Creating a more resilient ecosystem and mitigating climate change!