Nightingale Farms offers experiential learning in the ecological restoration of a coffee farm.

This program intends to facilitate the ongoing two way exchange of sustainable farming practices between academic and traditional knowledge. This program also fosters global academic relations with a one-to-one collaboration between students from abroad and local students from the University of the West Indies. Regardless of background, students will expand their worldview and perspectives by closely engaging with other students from around the globe.

Students will understand more broadly a systems thinking approach to the environment and the socioeconomic impacts of the global food system on local communities in a discussion-focused format. Students will engage in activities that promote the sustainable restoration of a farm.

Farm activities will vary depending on harvest season.


  • Agricultural projects: Permaculture, landscape design, organic gardening and farm planning, coffee tree maintenance, composting
  • Environmental projects: Reforestation, erosion control, rainforests cleanups
  • Energy projects: Developing plans for small scale hydro projects, wind and solar generation
  • Community development projects: Planting home remedy gardens to grow indigenous medicinal plants, light construction (home repairs/construction)


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